Splice Soundscapes Circadian Rhythms

Splice Soundscapes Circadian Rhythms

Circadian Rhythms is a deep exploration of the natural rhythmic soundscapes from Central India and Kanha National Park. Through the lens of circadian rhythms, cycles in day and night, artists and producers Sanaya Ardeshir (a.k.a. Sandunes) and Krishna Jhaveri recorded soundscapes ranging from dawn choruses, through lazy mid-day bird song, ethereal dusk sounds, and the buzzing deep nights across the rich and ancient Sal forests of the region.

Inspired by the rhythmic intricacies and intensities of the creatures that inhabit this region, as well as the stunning forest reverb, these sounds showcase the incredible natural rhythms of our most biodiverse ecosystems. Although Kahna is famous for its tiger reserve, with many tourists flocking year round to go on safaris and catch glimpses of a tiger, the other creatures that inhabit these forests are beautiful inhabitants of a rich and biodiverse, unique ecosystem with each creature inhabiting a specific frequency band to make sure they’re heard. A forest is after all, a symbiotic place, where the intricate balance of survival depends on the interplay between the plants and animals that live there that has cultivated for thousands of years.

In this pack you will hear sounds ranging from rainfall, birdsong, insect vocalisations, alarm calls from deer and monkeys, termites building a home, and much more. Several of these pristine sounds live as soundscapes and ambiences in this pack, in addition to an extensive collection of sampled and processed loops that use these recordings to create organic percussion and interesting rhythmic patterns. To play along with these natural occurring rhythms, sampled sounds are blended with synth sounds from late 90s synth classics such as the Clavia nord lead and the Roland JP8000, as well as modern favorites - the Novation Peak, and the quirky and Killpatrick Audio desktop modular, bringing this pack into something that can be used in a modern music production context, specially for ambient, electronic and experimental styles.

308 Samples

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