phritz Hardware Drums Loops (Model Cycles)

phritz Hardware Drums Loops (Model Cycles)

a while ago I got a secondhand elektron model:cycles from a friend and it's been one of my favorite gear to make drum loops with, so I thought I'd make a small loop sample pack with it

the sound design process starts with a model:cycles, which is then passed through some other hardware gear for some sounds (analog filters, modular delays) then compressed/saturated in the DAW with plugins such as tape saturation, compression (shapeshifter for extreme compression) and EQing

the sounds can of course be used as is, but I also found it interesting to completely change the desired bpm and glitch it out, like taking a bpm134 sample and warping it to 86bpm for some aphex twin type madness

these samples might not be the most versatile but I hope you play around with them and explore interesting sounds!

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