Moment utopia tone, a shinju moment

Moment utopia tone, a shinju moment

A staple name across Soundcloud’s past few generations of underground rap and beat scenes, shinju is a German producer who’s worked with the likes of Black Kray, ATL Smook, SEBii, and countless others. The Garden Ave member has had a traceable influence on internet music history with an ear for heavenly and; hopeful melodies and glossy sound palettes which he’s shared with the community via a beloved series of Serum preset banks. 

‘utopia tone’ follows this storied lineage with a novel take on what’s expected: masterful Serum presets and shiny songstarters, this time shifting his futuristic style towards overgrown and organic horizons. An immense set of 90 all-new presets for your everyday melodic musings: bass, keys, leads, plucks, and pads, connected by a common thread of imperfection and subtle distortion. Delicate and sparkling beauty is found in an oasis of refreshing melody loops and carefully crafted synth one shots that will last you an eon.

"The sounds in this pack are not about being perfect,” shinju tells us, “but rather about embracing their character and imperfections in order to create something beautiful."

81 Samples, 90 Presets

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