yaego Library of Alexandria (Soundkit)

yaego Library of Alexandria (Soundkit)

Introducing the yaego - Library of Alexandria Soundkit, elevate your music production to a higher degree.

Unleash Your Creativity:
Dive into a vast world of sonic possibilities with a meticulously curated collection of Bass One Shots, Drum One Shots, Percussion One Shots, Instruments, and more. This kit empowers you to craft beats and melodies that resonate with your unique style.

Serum Presets for Unparalleled Synthesis:
Take advantage of cutting-edge sound design with our Serum Presets. Shape and mold your sounds to perfection, creating rich and dynamic textures that stand out in the crowded music landscape.

Diverse Vocal Elements:
Elevate your tracks with our custom Vocals, adding a human touch to your electronic compositions. From catchy hooks to atmospheric whispers, yaego provides the vocal elements you need to make your music truly memorable.

Various Sound FX:
Bring your compositions to life with our extensive collection of Sound FX. From cinematic impacts to futuristic glitches, yaego provides the toolkit to add that extra flair to your music.

Worldly Phrases and Field Recordings:
Immerse your audience in a sonic journey with Phrases, Samples, Field Recordings, and Foley. The Library of Alexandria Soundkit captures the essence of the world around you, offering a diverse palette to infuse realism into your creations.

Ambience and Granulated Pads:
Create atmospheric landscapes with our Ambience and Granulated Pads. This allows you to explore a universe of ethereal sounds, making your compositions truly otherworldly.

Immerse Yourself in Textures:
Add depth and character to your tracks with our Textures category. From gritty analog warmth to ethereal digital tones, Yaego ensures your music is a rich tapestry of sonic textures.
The yaego - Library of Alexandria Soundkit is not just a product; it's a gateway to unlimited creative possibilities. Elevate your music production game and make your mark in the world of electronic music with yaego


!Forgotten Artifacts
!The Burnt Down Files
!The Lost Collection
!Tree of Knowledge
Bass [808, Reese, Sub, Synthbass]
Drums [Kicks, Claps, Hats, Rims, Cymbals, Toms]
Field Recordings
Instruments [Electronic to Acoustic]
Samples & Loops
Mixer Presets & Serum Presets
Sound FXs
Processed & Analog Foley/Textures

3 Custom FL Skins by yaego

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