Zenhiser Solitude

Zenhiser Solitude

Sometimes we need to go deep. Deep into our soul, our mind, our emotions. The clarity of clean rhythms, drifting melodies, and the feel of surrender takes us there. ‘Solitude’ is our gateway to that realm. A place where we can escape, ponder and connect with the ritualist sounds of House. This is where ‘Solitude’ shines. It bursts with colour, whilst blurring the boundaries of beautiful genres. Organic House, Progressive House, Melodic House and; Techno all bind together. They fuse and morph into a sublime array of samples and; loops. 

The thing about Zenhiser sample packs is not how they sound, it’s how they feel. Do you connect with their journey, their presence, their ability to kick start the cogs in your brain? For we are all producers, and every once in a while we need a little help, a little inspiration. 

Within the structure of this beautiful collection is a musical trove, 4.7GB of spark plugs, ready to ignite your senses. Beats will activate, basslines will energise, melodies will rejuvenate, and one shots will revitalise.

Feed your soul with what it needs, and express yourself with Zenhiser’s sample packs. We’re here to advise, guide and invigorate your musical skills. 

346 Samples

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