Moodset Music Synthwave Nights

Moodset Music Synthwave Nights

Transport yourself to the neon-lit nights of the 80s with the Synthwave Nights sample pack by Moodset Music. Immerse yourself in the retro-futuristic sounds and nostalgic vibes of this meticulously crafted collection. Explore a variety of synthwave-inspired melodies, pulsating basslines, vintage drum loops, and atmospheric textures that capture the essence of the genre.

Whether you're producing synthwave, retrowave, or any electronic music with a retro twist, the Synthwave Nights sample pack offers a wide range of inspiring sounds to bring your tracks to life. Elevate your productions with the authentic sounds of the past and create music that pays homage to the golden era of synth-driven music.

Moodset Music presents Synthwave Nights Waves Sample Pack.

Synthwave Nights contains 50 quality loop samples in 5 categories:

Drum Loops
Sequence Loops
Lead Loops/One shots
Bass Loops
Pad Loops
Bonus: Keys Loop
Additional 8 full clips ready to loop
The highest quality WAV files
24 bit / 96 kHz

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