ModeAudio 100 Drones Ambient Texture Samples

ModeAudio 100 Drones Ambient Texture Samples

Elevate your music on a cloud of drifting sound, floating high above the Earth's surface and gliding gracefully through each delicate layer of the planet's atmosphere - introducing the richly evocative sound of our latest Cinematic sound pack, 100 Drones - Ambient Texture Samples!

Enjoy a satellite's view of the world with this deeply immersive choice of 100 royalty-free loops and samples, packing 529MB of ethereal drones and delicate instrumental textures into one dense palette of soundtrack-ready audio.

We've transformed a rich array of instrumental sources into this deft selection of fragile tones and mesmeric, evolving Ambient layers, from gentle, embracing piano and soaring electric guitar to shimmering, resonant tuned percussion, warm analog synth, silky strings and beyond.

Every sound file included in the pack comes painstakingly edited for infinite loopability, allowing you to cycle your chosen sample to your heart's content.

Split into folders of rumbling bass drones, sonorous instrumental drones and a small collection of 8 rhythmic drone loops for variety, this sound pack will submerge your DAW sessions into states of deep relaxation or quiet, careful suspense.

Take a glacial, meditative tour of the globe in this hot air balloon of a sample pack - download 100 Drones - Ambient Texture Samples today!


20 Bass Drone Samples
8 Drone Loops
72 Instrumental Drone Samples (Guitars, Pianos, Synths & Tuned Percussion)
100 Samples In Total

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