Four4 Sound of Rooms - Eclectic Electronic Dance

Four4 Sound of Rooms - Eclectic Electronic Dance

"Sound of Rooms - Eclectic Electronic Dance" is not just a sample pack; it's a journey through a universe of eclectic sounds and sensory experiences, meticulously created by the artistic genius of co-producers Nahuel Bronzini, a 2-time Grammy Winner known for his work with Fantastic Negrito and Cigarbox Man, and Felipe Ubeda, the lead singer/guitarist and founding member of Cigarbox Man. Crafted in Berkeley, CA, this pack reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the Chilean and Argentinean Andes, a love for film, and an adventurous spirit in experimental cuisine.

Nahuel and Felipe have transformed traditional instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, bass, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, and ocarina, extending their sounds through innovative pedals and sound design. 

They've boldly experimented with everyday objects and furniture to create unique percussive and synth-like textures. Imagine the depth of kick sounds derived from a couch side rail or the rhythm of percussion founded on the flipping of book pages and the tapping of wine cups.

Each sample in "Sound of Rooms" transports you to the vibrant streets of Valparaiso, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro, intertwining rhythms and moods with inspirations drawn from the flavors of mezcal, gin, and pisco. This pack is more than a collection of sounds; it's an invitation to explore dance music's eclectic and electrifying world through an entirely new lens. Embrace the eccentric and embark on this extraordinary auditory journey with "Sound of Rooms - Eclectic Electronic Dance."

246 Samples

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