Test Press Laut 'Drum and Bass Toolkit'

Test Press Laut 'Drum and Bass Toolkit'

Laut 'Drum and Bass Toolkit' - The Ultimate Toolkit for High-Octane Beats. Step into the world of pulsating rhythms and breakneck tempos with our Drum and Bass Toolkit Sample Pack, meticulously designed for producers who crave the cutting edge of electronic music. This pack is your gateway to crafting explosive tracks that command the dance floor and captivate audiences.

We mixed and mastered all sounds. Therefore, you can start producing right away. While crafting our samples and sounds, we used digital and analogue synthesizers, most notably Access Virus Ti 2 or Serum.

Whether you're producing liquid, neurofunk, jungle, or any subgenre in between, this pack provides the versatile tools needed to elevate your sound.

238 Samples

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