Phibes Patreon February Sample pack

Phibes Patreon February Sample pack

As the long winter comes to a close were off on a 2 month tour on Friday. We leave the UK for chillier north American pastures to spread the good word of DNB across the globe! Were leaving our studio behind but fear not, we have written so much to release in the coming months but first we wanted to give you a tune we`ve been sitting on for some time which has been a dub amongst friends and DJs since 2020. Newly mastered and tinkered with for easier mixing for 2023 our Promises bootleg!

Along with our usual 50 Wav sample pack with some goods for the productions, new kits, new sounds, you know by now!

Were going to be compiling the Patreon songs into an easier folder for you all next month so you dont have to go scrolling up and down the feed to download all the tunes as there is so many of them now, we hope the light of spring brings you all much needed vitamin D and energy to progress, thank you for supporting us in the broker months of the year, we appreciate it so much,

lotsa love 4eva Scott & ry <3

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