Fractal Sounds Molekules Granular Sources For Microfreak and Pigments

Fractal Sounds Molekules Granular Sources For Microfreak and Pigments

This pack has the same content as Molekules For Phase Plant, but it is packaged in order to be loaded inside Arturia's Microfreak and it also contains 200 wav files in order to be used inside Pigments 4.

Molekules is a collection of audio sources specifically designed for granular synthesis engines.

At Fractal Sounds, we've been working on granular synthesis for a while. Since we always strive to develop innovative sounds, it makes sense that we work a lot on granular synthesis since it allows immense creative expression: Molekules For Phase Plant

Although, in theory, every sound source can be used in granular synthesis, some sources are bound to provide better results. We've been studying this phenomenon for a while in the Fractal Sounds studio and we came up with what we consider the best 200 audio sources for that type of synthesis.

Molekules is the ultimate distillation of that accumulated knowledge.

Created Specifically for Granular Synthesis

Contains High Quality Vocal Sources

Packaged For Both The Microfreak & Pigments

This pack contains 200 WAV files in 32bits format. These files loads as samples into Pigment's granular engine. It also comes with 160 files for the Microfreak.


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