JSewell Beats HELLSCAPE / ELYSIUM Production Suite

JSewell Beats HELLSCAPE / ELYSIUM Production Suite

An All-in-one Multi-Genre Production Suite, Perfect for Crafting Dark, Unique Beats.

Featuring over 220+ Drum Sounds and 400+ Live Instruments, Vocals, Accents, Phrases, One Shots and Samples.

If this is the only Kit you've got on your Laptop, Endless creativity is still at your fingertips.

Hellscape - The Ultimate Tool for Crafting Dark Beats. Whether you make Drill, Trap, Jersey or Hoodtrap, this is the Creative Kit for you. Featuring Unique and Experimental Drum sounds, Perc Loops, Drum Fills, and FL Studio Mixer Presets.
Elysium - Build full, Industry Quality melodies in Minutes with Drag and Drop Melody Layers, Accents, Live Instruments, Phrases, One shots, and MIDI. 2GB Of Quality Sounds.

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Hassle Free Sample Clearance (For Major Placements Only)

Hellscape: Multi-Genre Drum Kit
The Ultimate Tool for crafting Dark, UNIQUE, Beats.

This Drum collection includes over 320+ Industry Quality Sounds, Including UNIQUE 808s (with FL Studio Mixer Presets) Perc Loops and Drum Fills you won't find anywhere else.

Keep Scrolling for a Full Kit Breakdown.

Organised with care to Streamline your Workflow.

HELLSCAPE Comes equipped with a range of Mixer Presets for FL Studio. 808 Presets, Master Presets, etc.

Packed full of Percussion Loops, Drum Fills and FX to add Instant bounce to Your Beats.

An Array of MIDI at your disposal, from 808 Patterns to Percussion patterns.

18x drill 808s
18x drill 808 presets (fl studio)
10x grime 808s
24x trap 808s
4x trap 808 presets (fl studio)
6x kicks
14x snares
4x claps
5x snaps
23x countersnares
5x hi hats
19x percs
26x perc loops
19x drum fills
49x Drum MIDI
22x fx
26x vox
10x Mixer presets (FL studio)
30x Melody Samples

Elysium: Phrase & Accent Kit
Filled with Phrases & Accents Fit for any Vibe.

This Kit boasts over 95 Accents & Phrases from Multiple Genres, Perfect for adding that Extra Layer of Ear Candy to your Beats and Samples.

100% Royalty Free.

Elysium: Melody Layer & Live Instrument Kit
Placement Ready Drill Samples.

172 Muti-Genre Melody Layers and Live Recorded Stringed Samples played by a talented Session Musician for that Organic, lifelike sound.

Chop them up, Reverse them, play with their Pitch, the Creative possibilities are endless.

Royalty Free outside of Major Label Placements. See terms in FAQ below.

Elysium: One Shot Kit
Add Effortless bounce to your beats.

89 Royalty Free One Shot Sounds to help Eliminate the need for Expensive VSTs.

Whether you're low on CPU, don't have any VSTs on your Laptop, or just want to experiment with the Creative possibilities One Shots have to offer, look no further.

100% Royalty Free.

Elysium: Sample Pack
Placement Ready Drill Samples.

This Sample collection includes 39 Dark Samples, ready to Eliminate that beat block and Spark your Creativity.

Royalty Free outside of Major Label Placements. See terms in FAQ below.

172x melody layers
41x accents
55x phrases
89x one shots
19x MIDI
8x textures
39x Samples
11x Starters

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