Rubicon Japan Editions - Nagoya and Osaka Ambient

Rubicon Japan Editions - Nagoya and Osaka Ambient

In the Fall of 2023, Rubicon travelled to Nagoya, Japan to produce two packs highlighting the organic sounds of the region’s contemporary electronic music scene. The second release in the Japan Editions series, Nagoya and; Osaka Ambient compiles the modular, granular and unconventional sound design practices of Am Shhara and Chie Otomi, fixtures of the region’s ambient music community with releases on the Osaka label Muzan Editions.Do electronic instruments have intelligence? Am Shhara believes they are like living things. Additional contributions from Abentis round out the collection, accompanied by a mini-documentary shot by Takahiro Fukaya.

Artwork by Valeria Montero.

189 Samples

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