Lost Audio CYBR Premium Sample Pack

Lost Audio CYBR Premium Sample Pack

Dive into the dystopian world of cyberpunk with our exclusive 'CYBR Essentials Sample Pack.' Tailored for music producers and sound designers, this pack is your key to crafting tracks that resonate with the pulse of futuristic cityscapes. Whether you're creating for games, film, or electronic music, our pack provides a comprehensive toolkit for that signature cyberpunk sound.

Dynamic Drum Samples: Explore a wide array of punchy and crisp drum sounds, from deep kick drums to metallic snares and shimmery hi-hats. Our drum samples, infused with synthetic and industrial tones, are perfect for laying down a solid foundation in your tracks.

Innovative Hi-Hats and Percussions: Add complexity with our layered, syncopated hi-hat patterns and unique percussive elements. These sounds mimic the digital and mechanical noises of a cyberpunk universe, bringing an edge to your rhythm sections.

Captivating Drop Loops: Elevate your drops with our meticulously crafted loops. Featuring distorted basslines, granular textures, and layered synths, these loops are designed to create impactful moments in your compositions, transporting listeners to a neon-lit, cyberpunk realm.

Versatile Melody Loops: From hauntingly beautiful to aggressively edgy, our melody loops offer a spectrum of emotions. Pulsing, arpeggiated synths and heavy, distorted leads provide the perfect blend of beauty and darkness, essential for capturing the cyberpunk vibe.

Synthesized layers for a futuristic audio rebellion.

Cyber melodies: the digital heartbeat of your composition. comes meticulously stemmed and is accompanied by corresponding MIDI files.

Drum samples from the underbelly of the cyber sprawl.

100 % Royalty free

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