nu.wav Sky Hill - Almost Hidden

nu.wav Sky Hill - Almost Hidden

‘almost hidden’ is a vibrantly unique collection of samples created by New York City based performer and sound designer Sky Hill. Through the creative use of cross-synthesis - a sound design technique which allows for two pieces of audio to be blended together into one - the sounds in this pack have been crafted to occupy a sonic territory of their own. Here, lush abstract flourishes live alongside choppable percussion, and bouncy off-kilter loops lay the perfect bed for punchy harmonic kicks. This is a pack designed to shine a light on the possibilities that exist between sounds, and to highlight the beauty in the hybrid, the in-between, and the act of discovery. 

J.J. Burred’s Factorsynth was an integral part o f the creation of this pack, along with Hill’s own large collection of software synths and original recordings. With a heavy focus on process, the samples here were created without a specific genre in mind. They will equally find homes in pop, abstract music, noise, dance music, or film, lending their varied and uncategorized qualities to wherever may fit them best. As a part of your productions, these sounds will lend vibrance and playfulness just as they will weight and depth. 

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