Epic Stock Media Devils Bane Trailer

Epic Stock Media Devils Bane Trailer

Introducing Devils Bane Trailer, a chilling symphony of horror encapsulated in 533 meticulously crafted sound files, ready to unleash terror upon your audience. Dive into a nightmare realm where every creak, whisper, and shriek is meticulously designed to send shivers down your spine.

Contained within this sinister collection are 3.5 GB of movie trailer & game audio assets, all presented in spine-tingling 96k 24bit .wav format. From bone-chilling atmospheres to blood-curdling screams, every element is masterfully crafted to immerse your audience in a world of dread and despair. Inside you'll get to access jump scares, tension transitions, reveals, horror friction, cinematic hits, benders, dark synth braams, screams, rising whooshes, ghastly impacts, eerie tension drones, a vibrance of textures and aesthetics, all layered to perfection. Create compelling dark & ominous motion graphics, cinematic cutscenes, FX, trailers and epic audio dynamics.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Devils Bane Trailer includes multiple formats of the entire library: 96kHz/24bit .WAV, 44.1k 16 Bit .WAV, and Mp3. With embedded Soundminer metadata and UCS compliance, navigating through the depths of terror has never been easier. Devils Bane Trailer is a culmination of months dedicated to recording, refining, and perfecting sound design, we're thrilled to unveil a time-saving solution crafted just for you

Whether you're crafting spine-chilling trailers, bone-rattling game soundscapes, or haunting cinematic experiences, Devils Bane Trailer is your ultimate toolkit for invoking fear. With over 58 minutes of audio and a vast array of bone-crushing hits, eerie atmospheres, and tortured booms, your creations are limited only by your imagination.

Perfect for film editors, YouTubers, game developers, and sound designers alike, Devils Bane Trailer is royalty-free and RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box), ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Are you prepared to unleash the darkness within?

Product Details:

533 Files
3.5 GB of game audio assets
All in 96k 24bit .wav
All files are game ready, mastered and memory footprint optimized
Perfect for film editors, youtuber's, game devs & sound designers
Includes multiple formats of the entire library: 96kHz/24bit .WAV, 44.1k 16 Bit .WAV & Mp3
Includes embedded Soundminer metadata
UCS Compliant
Includes over 58 minutes of audio
19 Atmospheres
21 Benders
48 Booms
16 Braams
64 Cinematic Hits
40 Foley
17 Friction
80 Hits
21 Reveals
46 Risers
14 Screams
104 Tortured
14 Weapon Impacts
4 Whispers
25 Whooshes
All sound effects are youtube friendly & royalty free
RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box)

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