Soundiron Hopkin Aquaalt

Soundiron Hopkin Aquaalt

Aquaalt is an experimental custom creation from the mind of master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin: A unique Lute with a steel bowl resonator. This handcrafted contraption’s bridge delivers the string vibrations directly to the bowl’s flat bottom. As the strings sound, a small amount of water moves in the bowl, causing ever-changing resonances and creating unusual, dreamy sounds. Made of wood and metal, Aquaalt has a richly acoustic essence that resounds brightly through each note. With the body mounted on a swaying stand, the player can rock the lute to keep the water in the bowl moving. It can be played by plucking or bowing, occasionally with a slide to vary the string pitches.

We've faithfully sampled every interesting sound we could get out of this water lute, with Plucks, Bow Long, Bow Short, Bow Sul Ponticello, Ambiences, and Glisses up and down. With close mic'd samples in wide stereo, you’ll be swimming in beautiful timbres in no time.

245 Samples

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