Sonic Collective Celestial Brass

Sonic Collective Celestial Brass

Inspired by contemporary classical works by Stars of the Lid and William Basinski, Celestial Brass approaches the french horn and flugelhorn as source material for rich sonic tapestries to be interpreted anew. Ambient tone clusters and lush horn harmonies are highlight of the pack, bringing nuanced orchestration to future productions. Solo and one shot material, split into processed and unprocessed renderings for maximum flexibility, are of course featured as well, captured by ribbon and tube mics such as the Royer and Warm Audio WA-67.

Composed by David Crowell

Flugelhorn: Kate Amrine

French Horn: Nicolee Kuester

Engineered by Charles Van Kirk and David Crowell

Mixed by Charles Van Kirk

Recorded at Fer Sound, NYC

338 Samples

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