Vanilla Groove Studios Smooth Layered Guitars Vol.3

Vanilla Groove Studios Smooth Layered Guitars Vol.3

'Smooth Layered Guitars Vol 3' by Vanilla Groove Studios contains a collection of 116 guitar loops, ranging from 70 to 150 BPM and arranged in 5 easy to use loop sets.

The loops were recorded using high end guitars and tube amps, mixing clean and over-driven tones to produce smooth and crunchy riffs that slide together like the layers of a cheesecake. Dry loops are broken into component parts which can be mixed and matched, tweaked and warped to meet your needs, and the pack also contains a series of wet loops with a variety of smooth mixes.

Product Details:

Track 1 - 90 BPM – D
10 Full Mixes
19 Rhythm Loops

Track 2 - 80 BPM – Bm
13 Full Mixes
5 lead guitar riffs
18 Rhythm Loops

Track 3 - 70 BPM - Em
6 Full Mixes
12 Rhythm Loops

Track 4 - 150 BPM - E
3 Full Mixes
17 Rhythm Loops

Track 5 - 150 BPM - E
4 Full Mixes
9 Rhythm Loops

125 files / Royalty-Free

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