Beatsinner fantasia¹ (creative-kit)

Beatsinner fantasia¹ (creative-kit)

¹ this kit features 270 sounds ranging from soundscapes, one shots, textures, percussion, earcandy, and noises that will instantly enhance your music. the purpose of fantasia¹ is to inspire, as all of the sounds can create new worlds and atmospheres when combined.

² multiple workflows were tested to ensure that this kit can be used not only with any genre, but also in different contexts, such as a drag-and-drop workflow, or making full compositions, allowing you to obtain full creative control.

³ every sound is meant to be stretched, pitched, chopped, and manipulated in creative ways. a majority of the sounds are stretched to your project tempo, so you can make new ideas in seconds.

this kit contains:

61 - textures
41 - earcandy
35 - one shots
30 - cmin sounds
30 - bleeps and bloops
28 - soundscapes
20 - noises
15 - fx
10 - percussion loops

270 sounds total.

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