Zenhiser Vision - Melodic House and Techno

Zenhiser Vision - Melodic House and Techno

Shining bright, ‘Vision’ Melodic House and; Techno takes an alternative direction. A diverse set of tools that flips everything you know about Melodic House and; Techno on its head. 

Build from the ground up, with huge collection of content, this sample pack from Zenhiser explores a rich array of textures, patterns and progressions. Ranging from classic vintage to the avant-garde. Tech tight drum rhythms, modular synth lines, intriguing atmosphere, eclectic one shots and a plethora of tantalising FX. 

‘Vision’ is the audio toolbox you deserve. It’s the building blocks to a better sound palette. A collection infused with warmth and character to propel all forward thinking Melodic House and; Techno producers.   

322 Samples

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