Billegal Sounds (un)familiar - Artificial Abstractions

Billegal Sounds (un)familiar - Artificial Abstractions

Billegal Sounds presents the 28th entry in their featured artist series, "Artificial Abstractions" by (un)familiar. In their second sample pack on our label, the multi-talented artist has created an entire sample pack with the assistance of artificial intelligence. This pack is full of strange and creative sounds from the latent space with a quality all their own.

If you want a taste of sound design's peculiar future, or even if you're just looking for some kooky noises to put in your songs, this pack is definitely for you.

DISCLAIMER: This pack was created by using (un)familiar's previous pack 'Some Abstractions' to train an AI model using open-source software. The results were then reprocessed using various plugins. Demo track by (un)familiar (0:00), KAIFU (0:35), kosu (1:08), Convexity (1:42), and I7 (2:24).

310 Samples

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