ModeAudio Boombox - Hardware Drum Samples

ModeAudio Boombox - Hardware Drum Samples

'Boombox - Hardware Drum Samples' from ModeAudio delivers all the vintage crunch and crackle of classic 90s samplers direct to your DAW. Unleash the power of our latest bumper set of hard-hitting drums sounds on your next track today!

Bring the percussive punch and LoFi warmth of the retro groovebox to your beats, selecting from 330 royalty-free drum samples, lovingly processed through classic hardware units to layer your beats in Golden Era feel, flavour and funk.

Deep, thumping kicks, snappy snares, fizzing hi hats, splashy cymbals and quirky percussion hits fully stock each of the folders contained in the release, with each sound driven through old, dusty circuit boards to amplify that distinctive grit and crunch those old machines are celebrated for.

From Hip Hop to House, Rand;B, Techno and beyond, work these impactful one-shots into any genre calling for a bit of old skool magic and let them transport your rhythms back to the heyday of wheel-spinning and pad-thumping.

Turn up those over-sized dials and give your beats some bite - download Boombox - Hardware Drum Samples today!

330 Samples

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