Nonjuror SP-202 Lo-Fi Chopped Breaks Vol.1

Nonjuror SP-202 Lo-Fi Chopped Breaks Vol.1

A collection of chopped drum breaks sampled from vinyls, at various sample rates, with the Boss SP-202 Dr Sample. From the machine these are then resampled through a PreSonus BlueTube DP v2 tube preamp, and chopped on the Roland SP-404A. Each of the 10 Kits have multiple variations of their kicks, snares and hats.

Nonjuror's Disclaimer: These samples are raw af. Minimal processing has been done to clean them up, just straight vinyl to SP grit and attitude.

Digital Download Specifications

N. 10 LoFi Breaks chopped into:

69 Kicks, 38 Snares, 8 Rim Shots, 43 Hats (158 samples total)
5MB Various Sample Rates Mono
Royalty Free

Sample Rates
BOSS SP-202: HiFi 31.25 kHz; Standard 15.63 kHz; LoFi-1 7.81 kHz; LoFi-2 3.91 kHz

Compatible with any sampler, sequencer, DAW that handles WAV files.

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