ProdbyJack The MPC Floppy Disk Drum Kit

ProdbyJack The MPC Floppy Disk Drum Kit

Created in collaboration with The44thFloor, the MPC Floppy Disk drum kit is a one of a kind drum kit for beat makers to enjoy. Inside is over 200 drum sounds and breaks created with the classic MPC machines. Rest assured every single sound has that famous analog overdrive that the old MPC's are famous for creating, which producers such as Metro Boomin, Kanye West and Three Six Mafia are known to use.

Check out a few beats we have made with this kit below

One of the best features on the older MPC models from the 90's and early 2000's was the 16 bit distortion that these drum machines would apply to sounds if pushed hard enough through it. This is truly unique to these old school machines and is partly the reason producers like Metro Boomin are still using them 25+ years after their release.

We decided to harness this iconic effect and use it to create a full drum kit which other producers who didn't have access to the older MPC's could use to get the same sound on their drums. Inside this drum kit you'll find a combination of familiar go-to sounds and some stuff you probably haven't heard before to create a perfect balance of useable yet unique sounds. A lot of the sounds you'll find in this kit were actually pulled from old floppy disk drives from this same time period so there is some rare stuff in there to try out.

I created this kit with fellow producer The44thfloor who is an incredible sound designer and vintage gear collector, so you already know the sounds in this kit are gonna be of the highest quality! I can also guarantee that the selection of sounds in this kit will suit all styles of beats. Whether you make Trap, Boom Bap, Phonk or even R&b the sounds in this kit will elevate your beats.

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