Montage by Splice Worlds Wanderer: Cinematic Poetry

Montage by Splice Worlds Wanderer: Cinematic Poetry

Worlds Wanderer: Cinematic Poetry is an ambitious, emotional, and avant-garde sample pack created by Russian born and LA based actress, immersive performance artist, and poet Renata. The pack features a spoken word collection of poems, dreams, notes, and diaries of a traveler performed by Renata and legendary LA voice actor Toledo at Splice’s Sound Factory Studios. The words speak of a wanderer, a mystic, a poet, whose life is a constant journey through various internal and external worlds. The poetry is at times mystical and philosophic, at times passionate and nostalgic. 

No name, no place, no time,

Only flashes of captured moments, 

Turned into countless stories, 

Half memories, half dreams, half spells. 

Echoed in two voices.

To round out the cinematic scenery the pack includes violin by Fabrice and piano from Josh Robertson that make you feel as if you’re back in time in a warm tavern with a mystical poetry performance on stage. 

Sift through these stunning vocals and compelling poems and find the phrase that resonates with you. These samples are great for an house track, an indie film, an experimental short film, or flipped into crazy vocal chops. Embody the spirit of the traveler and take these sounds on a journey. 

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