Audentity Records Hard Hitting Rage Trap

Audentity Records Hard Hitting Rage Trap

Hard Hitting Rage Trap is a cutting-edge collection designed to propel your productions into the heart of contemporary Trap innovation. 

Rage Trap, is an evolution that emerged from the Trap scene of the early 2020s. Rage Trap typically features repetitive chord progressions, melodic, often euphoric synth leads, and energetic rap styles.

This collection features melodic loops that capture the essence of Rage Trap with buzzing repetitive synth textures, amazing melodic loops, hundreds of precise drum one-shots for impactful beats and crafted drum loops for a solid foundation. Besides that it contains gritty basslines to infuse your music with Rage Trap's rebellious vibe and last but not least 68 Serum Presets.

Whether you're making energetic bangers or experimenting, this pack offers the tools to fuel your creativity and push boundaries.

Hard Hitting Rage Trap contains:

78 Drum loops
22 Melodic Loops
5 Bass Loops
12 Songstarter Loops
245 Drum and; Percussion One Shots
68 Serum Presets
Royalty Fee

362 Samples, 68 Presets

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