ModeAudio Symbolism - Downtempo Loops and Samples

ModeAudio Symbolism - Downtempo Loops and Samples

'Symbolism - Downtempo Loops and; Samples' from ModeAudio propels you into an alternate reality, where nothing is quite as it seems and sounds take on a mysterious, ambiguous character. Take a deep breath and enter a warped realm of bleary-eyed melodies, captivating soundscapes and moody, emotive grooves. 

Open up this weighty collection of royalty-free music loops and drum samples and discover a hypnotic sound rich in analog vibe, pulling in Ambient atmospherics and pulsating Downtempo drum beats into its intoxicating orbit.

Taking cues from legendary UK label Warp Records and its roster of stellar artists such as Boards Of Canada, Apex Twin and Autechre, at its core this kaleidoscopic pack delivers 156 music spanning brooding basslines, breezy guitar licks, melting synth pads, titanic Trip Hop drum breaks, twisted vocal loops and tweaked-out field recordings.

Disappear down the rabbit hole and find your sound in a strange new dimension of irresistible vintage charm and peculiar aural nostalgia - download 'Symbolism - Downtempo Loops and; Samples' and enter today!

Pack Details:

- 156 Music Loops (74 - 104 Bpm)

- 75 Drum Samples

- 100% Royalty-Free

231 Samples

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