Black Octopus Sound Trap Beat Arsenal by Futuretone

Black Octopus Sound Trap Beat Arsenal by Futuretone

'Trap Beat Arsenal' is loaded with an irresistible fusion of thunderous drum elements, captivating melodies, and a diverse array of percussion, this pack is your passport to creating beats and melodies that demand attention. Grab 'Trap Beat Arsenal' and let your beats speak for themselves!

Drums: Dive headfirst into meticulously crafted drum loops and one shots for powerful and resonant low end, and to give your trap tracks a characteristic trap thump. Get these thunderous kicks, distinctive trap snares, and rolling hi-hats to give your tracks the rhythmic backbone they deserve.

Percussion: Experiment and create rhythm patterns that add a diverse and eclectic texture to your tracks with these diverse array of unique sounds such as woodblocks, shakers, and cowbells.

Melodic Loops, One Shots & Serum Presets: Layer the various melodic elements in 'Trap Beat Arsenal' to create a rich and intricate sonic landscapes. Minor keys add intense vibes, Instruments bring an epic quality to your tracks, Explore unique chord progressions, and stack different Synths, and Textural effects, for engaging productions.

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of Trap styles with a range of Loops, One Shots and Serum Presets that are royalty-free and compatible with all major DAWs, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, build up your 'Trap Beat Arsenal' today!

636 Total Audio Files
163 Chord Loops
148 Drum One Shots
50 Kicks
31 Claps
20 Snares
23 Closed hihats
12 Open hihats
12 Crash
90 Melody Loops
69 Drum Loops
22 Drum Loops
16 Kick Clap Loops
31 Top Loops
51 Synth One Shots
46 FX One Shots
11 Fallers
18 Sweeps
12 Impacts
5 Textures
41 Percussion One Shots
1 Bells
1 Bongos
1 Congas
5 Cowbells
1 Djembes
8 Shakers
3 Timbales
21 Woodblocks
17 Serum Presets
15 Texture Loops
13 Drum Fill One Shots

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