Multiton Bits Analog LoFi

Multiton Bits Analog LoFi

Our goal with Analog LoFi was to design different sounding analog drum hits with few 'usual suspects' thrown in. The pack features mostly drum sounds but also bass, synth and FX samples. All sounds were created on analog drum machines, from MFB to Nord, while bass, synth and FX sounds come from Waldorf. These samples are useful in various genres but were intended to be used in glitch, minimal and other more abstract forms of electronic music.

Inside you will find 100 loops and 72 one-shots. We have designed 3 different sounding drum kits, Ambient, Vintage and; Raw Analog. Each kit contains 24 samples, while in loops you will find 25 loops from every kit and additional 25 processed files. From subtle kicks, reverbed claps to big bass sounds and out of this world percussions and blips, we have packed it all!

Beside drum hits we added melodic sounds to every kit and if you are into minimalistic music forms you can make whole tracks with them. We had a great time making these sometimes lo-fi but always beautiful sounds and we believe you will enjoy using them in your tracks!

172 Samples

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