SFXTools Arctic Aura

SFXTools Arctic Aura

Introducing Arctic Aura: an elemental ice magic spells sound effects library. This immersive collection will transport your audience to the realms of chilling sorcery and frosty enchantment. With over 200 meticulously crafted sound files, this SFX library offers an extensive array of icy manifestations to elevate your magical sequences to a whole new level.

Unleash the power of frost with a diverse range of elemental ice spells. From the swift and deadly ice bolts to the bone-chilling arctic storms, every sound file has been expertly designed to immerse your audience in a world of frozen wonder. Cast icy spells with confidence, as this library offers crisp and splintering ice ray effects that will leave a lasting impact.

Incorporate the breathtaking sounds of ice explosions and ice castings to add depth and excitement to your scenes. The frozen gusts will sweep across your sonic landscape, while the glacial spikes will pierce through the silence, creating a truly mesmerising experience.

Whether you're crafting a cinematic masterpiece, a thrilling video game, or any other creative project, Arctic Aura ensures that you have all the tools you need to evoke the essence of elemental ice magic.

Embrace the power of frozen enchantments and breathe life into your sorcery sequences with this exceptional sound effects library.

Are you ready to wield the chilling might of ice in your latest creations? Discover Arctic Aura and let the frosty symphony begin!

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Product Details:

755 MB
24-Bit / 96kHz WAV
212 Ice Spell Sound Effects
14 Barrier & Defence
54 Cold Whooshes
11 Damage AoE
12 Damage Direct
20 Freezing & Slowing
5 Healings
14 Ice Explosions & Impacts
17 Mobility & Teleportation
7 Power-Ups
8 Summoning
12 Transformations
13 Ultimate Ice Spells
25 Utility Spells

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