Epic Stock Media Combat Hits

Epic Stock Media Combat Hits

Experience the true heartbeat of combat with “Combat Hits – Hand To Hand Fighting SFX.” This thoughtfully curated sound effects library transforms your game’s combat sequences into pulse-pounding experiences, immersing players in the visceral intensity of every jab, smack, and bone-crushing impact. Explore an expansive array of hand-to-hand combat sounds, including punches, kicks, slaps, whooshes and more, all captured in exquisite detail. This comprehensive collection also features subtle nuances like cloth rustles and airy swings, giving you all the layers, textures & elements needed to elevate your audio design.

Versatile and Game-Ready:
These sound effects are optimized for seamless integration into your game, TV, or film projects. Each sound effect is expertly edited and mastered, ensuring it’s ready to be used out of the box (RTU-OTB). The memory footprint optimization makes them efficient for any platform or genre, saving you valuable development time.

This product includes fighting sounds sounds like – punches, blocks, kicks, smack, wack, whoosh, whip, cloth flap, airy swing, spinning rope, bone break, blood splatter, gore crunch, combat hits, bass hits, slaps, heavy impacts, stomp, fabric rustle, and all the essentials you need to make organic hand to hand fighting sound effects.

Get ready to:
Feel the heart-racing energy of combat like never before.
Command a versatile arsenal of action-packed sound effects.
Paint a vivid tapestry of audio authenticity for your players.
Captivate your audience with layers of realism and excitement.

Effortless Navigation, Instant Creativity:
The library follows the Universal Category System (UCS) labeling for smooth navigation. The files are organized into categories like Combat, Cloth, Gore, and Whoosh. Additionally, Soundminer metadata is embedded to help you quickly find the right sound at the right time.

Formats to Fit Your Flow:
We’ve got your workflow covered. The library includes the entire collection in 96kHz/24bit .wav format, ensuring top-notch audio fidelity. Moreover, you get a “Glued” version (all single sounds exported into variations within one file) and a 44.1kHz 16 Bit .WAV version, eliminating the need for file conversion.

Royalty-Free Licensing:
Rest assured that all sound effects are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your projects without worrying about additional fees. The license allows for commercial use, making it perfect for both indie developers and professional sound designers.

Product details

335 files / 47 glued files
332 MB of meticulously crafted game audio assets
All in 96k 24bit .wav
Includes multiple formats of the entire library (Glued, 44.1k & 96k .wav)
Includes over 9 minutes of audio
129 Cloth – cloth, leather, canvas, nylon, flaps, movement, slides, rustle & more
98 Combat – fight impacts, blocks, kicks, stomp, punch, slaps, heavy foley, hits
75 Gore – bone, break, crunch, crack, shatter, liquid impacts, stab, splatter, goo, squirt, squeeze
33 Whoosh – whip, spin, fast, throw, airy, low, stock & more
Perfect for game devs & sound designers
All files are game ready, mastered and memory footprint optimized
Embedded Soundminer metadata for efficient search
UCS Compliant for intuitive organization
All sound effects are youtube friendly & royalty-free

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