F9 Audio Snare! Argon Drums Vol.2

F9 Audio Snare! Argon Drums Vol.2

Create a SINGLE FOLDER to organize a huge and expansive SNARE! collection across as many genres as humanly possible. Nothing could quite prepare us for the journey. It has re-defined the word 'Epic' at F9.
If there is one sound that can strike fear into even the most seasoned and experienced producer it has to be - The SNARE!

No other pack on the market today goes as far as F9 SNARE! to bring you a perfectly curated, expertly produced, mixed, and engineered collection of snare drums for all modern genres. All in a single carefully constructed folder that will cover every DAW user as well as hardware enthusiasts with DAW-less setups.
The Difference -

Raw sounds are one thing and we all have too many to count - What sets this collection apart is the production-ready processing we've applied to every single hit.
This is a bold statement to make and is overused dramatically within marketing hype & hyperbole, but having just completed all of the work on the audio demos, we can say for absolute certain that these snares will cut through effortlessly and require a fraction of the processing you may be used to.

All of this, even before you start utilizing the layer collection, the re-sampled, snares (carefully re-processed through a whole collection of vintage samplers), and certainly before you start layering the synth drums with the single shot collection.
Because of the tonality and wide gamut of sound snare drums within, the options available with this pack will hopefully give you a creative edge in snare drum design for years to come.
We've looked around and we've not found a single other pack dedicated to this instrument with this amount of power.

Synthesizing Snares -
Obviously, some of the most famous snare drum sounds in modern history, come from analog circuitry. The Roland Corps iconic 808,909,606 and CR78 are production staples, but this is F9 and we wanted to go further than ever before.
Most synthesized snare drums contain elements of filtered noise, alongside tonal parts hewn from free-running oscillators.

This means that every hit is slightly unique. The only way to capture this level of movement in a sound is to sample multiple hits and cycle through them in a technique known as round-robin.
This led us to one of the most involved and complex part of producing this pack, and we went right down the rabbit hole sampling more than 400 synthesized snare drums, with up to 8 separate round-robin hits EACH!

This not only includes renowned classics, such as the Simmons SDS series and the Synare but a plethora of Eurorack, Physically modelled, and digitally sourced synth snares.
These synth-based sounds can often be renowned for being much softer than digital hits that you we are all used to. Here, we have used an immense amount of analog hardware and digital post-processing to make sure that every single one of these analog sounds hit right and you are knowledgeable, it has never been done to this degree for any other collection

This Pack Contains
1047 Sampled Snares (in 33 Categories)
462 Synth-Based Snares (Sampled Round Robin)
488 Layer Audio Files
357 Vintage Sampler Resampled Snares
70+ Patches For:

Logic Pro X 10.5.1 Onwards (including M1/2 and all modern OSX editions)
EXS24 support for Logic Pro 10.2.4+
Ableton 9.5 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
Ableton 11 Onwards (Standard or Suite) / Ableton 12 (Standard or Suite)
Bitwig 4.4 onwards
Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards (Full version required)
MPC V2.12 software (including MPC beats - Free HERE ), all standalone MPC editions, and Akai Force
Halion Sonic SE 3 Onwards ( Free HERE )
Anatomy of the SNARE!

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