WaveShaper 12BIT DRUMMER

WaveShaper 12BIT DRUMMER

This kit is made by recording an acoustic drum with an Akai S20 12bit sampler. Some processing where then made in order to keep the sound natural while bringing out the gritty nature of this cheap sampling device. Processed using some analogue hardware and tube compression, the sound is gritty but not lofi, with a solid low end, sharp transients and warm presence for the snares and hi-hats.

Mostly suited for your hip hop / jungle tracks, it should also find a nice place in your electronic music production where you want neither a minimal synthetic sound, nor a 65 years old jazz drummer wearing a moustache and playing bluegrass standards.

But that's not all. The “pro” version of the kit also provides a more hi-fi version of the acoustic set, which were edited in a more modern fashion with full 24bit resolution on the whole signal chain.

… And that's still not all : I also added a small tr-808 kit, because we always like to have one close to us and we like boomy basses.

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