Black Octopus Playhouse Vol 1 by Callum Can't Sleep

Black Octopus Playhouse Vol 1 by Callum Can't Sleep

Get hypnotized by rhythmic loops, catchy melodies and invigorating drums from the newest pack by Callum Can’t Sleep. With head-turning beats that will keep the dancefloor swaying for hours. ‘Playhouse Vol 1’ will transport you to a sunset party filled with good vibrations and laid-back vibes.

Striking Drums: These Drums will inject your tracks with strong grooves and a touch of tropical sounds from their punchy kicks, snares, and crisp top loops that combine beautifully to form light, bright and bouncy rhythms, perfect for summer songs.

Addicting FX: This carefully curated selection of retro synths, entrancing modular top loops, plus glitchy and catchy FX adds a layer of synthwave house into this massive multi-genre pack, providing those nostalgic elements that have been bursting into the scene.

Dreamy Percussion: Adding captivating energy is the rhythmic percussion and shakers section of ‘Playhouse Vol 1’. These sounds are perfect for adding flow and movement into your composition (and into the dancefloor) through their organic elements which provide a breath of fresh air and soothing energy.

This versatile pack is ready to go no matter what you're using it for, house, synthwave, drum and; bass, trance, the list goes on and so does the amount of inspiration you can get from these samples! As always everything is key and tempo labeled and will easily fit into your workflow while adding impeccable sound design to your productions. Even if you're just playing around, ‘Playhouse Vol 1’ by Callum Can’t Sleep will inspire some massive creations, grab your copy today!

199 Samples

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