Multiton Bits Warm Analog Tops

Multiton Bits Warm Analog Tops

We are starting spring here at Multiton Bits with Warm Analog Tops, a collection of unique percussive and melodic samples from analog sources we have encountered over time. Ranging from Roland to MFB and Nord drum machines, these sounds were not featured in our other packs. This time we have concentrated on drum tops that might be just what your beat misses!

We all often get into that situation where we are almost satisfied with that backbone of the track but there is just something missing to make it more dynamic or make that breaks more smooth. This is exactly the purpose of this pack, to help you build interesting percussions blocks and enrich your tracks. All samples are dry and perfect for use with your favorite delay, reverb or filter to get new variations easily.

So we have chosen most interesting hats, cymbals, toms, congas, blips and synth sounding percussions, crispy clear but with analog warmth. There are no fillers here, just the sounds we really like! Pack features 62 loops and 111 one-shoots so you can start knocking out new beats in minutes!

173 Samples

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