Sample Tools by Cr2 Neurofunk and Tripstep

Sample Tools by Cr2 Neurofunk and Tripstep

Immerse yourself in the powerful realms of Neurofunk, Tripstep, Drum and; Bass, and Dubstep with this delicately crafted collection of over 300 samples that explore the boundaries of electronic music and sound design.

Explore the intricate beats and mind-altering sounds that make up this awe-inspiring release. From seismic bass growls that reverberate through your speakers to fast-paced drum patterns that drive the rhythm. Also included are a range of synth plucks, leads, arps and pads that are bound to sort out your melodic needs. This pack offers a diverse selection of samples designed to push the boundaries of your creativity. Unleash your potential with 3 expertly crafted songstarter kits, each broken down into corresponding stems, providing a launchpad for your sonic exploration.

Inspired by the groundbreaking sounds of artists like Skrillex and the revolutionary productions of Noisia, this pack focuses on exceptional sounds design and detailed rhythms. Whether you're sculpting intense Neurofunk Drum and; Bass tracks or pushing the sonic boundaries of Dubstep, this pack equips you with the essential tools to create music that resonates with the energy of legendary producers. Elevate your sound and dive into the intense realms of NEUROFUNK and; TRIPSTEP!

317 Samples

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