Aaroh Vintage Bollywood: Resampled

Aaroh Vintage Bollywood: Resampled

Dive into the rich tapestry of Vintage Bollywood: Resampled, where the essence of four decades of Hindi Film Music soundtracks is meticulously flipped, resampled, and reworked to deliver a unique sonic experience. Crafted with the beatmaker and hip-hop producer in mind, this collection of samples transports you to the golden era of Hindi cinema, infusing your projects with the timeless charm of Bollywood.

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Mumbai's iconic studios, where we meticulously recorded compositions with a 15+ piece orchestra. This orchestral ensemble was carefully chosen to capture the true essence of Bollywood's golden era, providing modern producers with an unparalleled resource for their creative endeavors.

Vintage Bollywood: Resampled goes beyond conventional sample packs by featuring melodic and percussive stacks that are thoughtfully composed and arranged for maximum flexibility and inspiration. The instrumentation within this pack is diverse, featuring a string orchestra, Western and; Latin percussion, Indian percussion, mandolin, guitars, sitar, bansuri, and vocals.

Whether you're seeking melodic inspiration or rhythmic nuances, this pack is a treasure trove of sounds that will elevate your music production. Unleash the spirit of Vintage Bollywood in your projects and let the soulful melodies and vibrant rhythms of this iconic era breathe new life into your creations.

191 Samples

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