Moment sacred geometry, a threedimensionsapart moment

Moment sacred geometry, a threedimensionsapart moment

Texas-based producer and vocalist threedimensionsapart has been making music since they were 9 years old. An early influence in the development of the underground soundcloud pop scene that became known as digicore, tda was instrumental in some of the scene’s breakout hits by artists such as lieu, juno, and lei - who’s debut project ‘heartsick’ was produced fully by tda - and has since produced for a wide range of artists from Duwap Kaine to 2hollis, as well as their own self-produced songs, revealing their talent for heartfelt songwriting over anything from full-blown rock instrumentals to more trap-influenced beats.

‘Sacred Geometry’ crystallizes tda’s broad range of skills into a concise, ready-to-use kit, boasting everything from emotive guitar and pad textures, to handmade drum one shots reflecting classic trap sounds as well as acoustic drums in a bright new light, to new staple Serum presets. In a way it’s a definitive bedroom producer pack, with hand-recorded foley finding its way into many of the sounds, yet it’s anything but amateur - they’re hit-ready sounds with a lot of heart. On a call from their bedroom, in front of a massive American Football banner, tda tells us they just hope the pack can “expand people’s current sound palette to new levels” and hopes users “get inspired to create something new.”  

151 Samples, 11 Presets

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