Soundiron Drone Flutes Phrases

Soundiron Drone Flutes Phrases

We teamed up with acclaimed sound practitioner René Jenkins to bring you a fantastic catalog of indigenous Central American drone flutes, in the Mayan, Aztec and Zapotec traditions. René performed with six of his favorite 2, 3 and 4-chambered flutes at the giant cathedral-like St Paul's Church in San Francisco. We recorded improvised melodic phrases in meticulous detail, perfect for cinematic compositions, game scoring, atmospheric songwriting, folk music and creative sound design.

The first instrument is the Double Wooden F#4 Drone Flute. It reaches from F#4 to Bb5, with soulful overtones and a wooden, breathy timbre. Next up is the Double Zapotec A4 Clay Flute, spanning from A4 to C6. In the midrange, the Harmony C4 Flute spans C4 to Eb5. The Quad Clay Flute plays D5 to F#6 - the ceramic body gives it a warm, rounded sound for gentle melodies or powerful rhythms. The Triple Snake Flute and Triple Zapotec Clay Flute both span F4 to Ab5.

To encapsulate the feel of live drone flutes in the hands of an expert, René played beautifully dynamic live performance phrases for each flute, performing a total of over 400 distinct melodic elements. The phrases are organized by flute type, tempo (80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 140 bpm), musical key and style.

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