Multiton Bits Up In Smoke

Multiton Bits Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke is a first release in our Groovebox Series. What does it mean? Remember how old school sample based grooveboxes and romplers work? Any combination of samples functions well. This is exactly how our Up In Smoke works! All one-shots are sampled in pristine 24-bit and aesthetically and tone-wise perfectly fit together. These samples are made with MPC style performance in mind.

WAV Loops and; One-Shots are sorted in 6 sections. We have created and; recorded lush synth chords, memorable stabs, spacey and warm pads, powerful bass tones, vinyl sounding drum set, analog percussions, as well as solid selection of sound effects and; foley recordings. Sounds come from a variety of analog and digital sources, from Access and Nord synths to 808 drum machine, and feature all elements needed to build a track. None of the sounds or loops, beside vinyl crackling, come from actual vinyl. We edited them to sound that way.

Up In Smoke is suitable for Hip-Hop, Trap and; Future Beats production, but you can also use it for House, Chill, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Electronica and add some fresh air to your tracks. We truly enjoyed and had fun working on this pack and we are sure you will enjoy it and discover its usability too!

208 Samples

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