EmptyVessel TAL Sampler Entropy

EmptyVessel TAL Sampler Entropy

64 original patches for TAL Sampler comprising long, evolving, dark, chaotic, organic textures varying from gently dusty and characterful with slight wonkiness to quite broken, digital, glitchy and disturbing.

Many of the patches are complex and evolving, some take up to minutes to fully play through. Embrace the chaos!

In the pack there are:

Drone/FX bed - 25 patches. Some harmonic, some noise and textures
Keys - 5 patches. Wonky, dusty, noisy, some warm some cold and icy
Pads - 34 patches. Very varied from subtly noisy and pleasing to glitchy, crackly and noisy.

The sounds would be a good fit for ambient, dark ambient, soundtrack, techno, glitch, D&B, psytrance, lofi and IDM

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