EmptyVessel TAL Sampler: ROM

EmptyVessel TAL Sampler: ROM

The pack contains 40 patches and all are based on the embedded 'ROM' waveforms which come built in to the TAL Sampler. So the root of all the patches is a combination of only simple Saw, Rect, Pulse, Sine and Noise samples.

I decided to pursue this idea to show the power of TAL Sampler as a synthesiser above and beyond its capabilities when fed with complex raw sample data. Between the DAC modeling, the various filter types, the FX and some judicious modulation routing I'm very pleased with the range of sounds that have resulted.
The pack would suit a range of genres, pads range from warm, rich and evolving to cold and digital, chord stabs would be great for D&B, dub techno etc. as would the bass sounds, leads are in a more vintage vibe - as are some of the 'string-machine' type pads.

Included are:

Bass – 6, Chord – 5, FX – 2, Keys – 5, Lead – 5 and Pad – 17

Quite a few of the pads and chords are very slowly evolving so it's worth holding down very sustained notes with these. Bass sounds can work well as leads and vice versa: leads can make nice bass sounds. Ghost Hunter and several other of the pad sounds make nice leads too.

The sounds would be a good fit for ambient, dark ambient, soundtrack, techno, glitch, D&B, psytrance, lofi and IDM

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