ModeAudio Bloom Ambient Guitar Samples

ModeAudio Bloom Ambient Guitar Samples

A single grain of sand drops in the desert, imperceptible yet crucial in defining the overall shape of the dune and therefore the entire landscape itself; so the infinitesimal shards of guitar sound form the clouds, mountains and rivers of our latest set of sumptuous sound design, Bloom - Ambient Guitar Samples!

Open the valves of this shimmering, 792MB pressure tank of royalty-free audio and unleash a torrent of incandescent sound into your DAW, an undulating tidal wave of fragmenting texture made up of glistening guitar grains of all sizes.

Granulation and granular synthesis are sound design processes involving the splitting up of sound into tiny pieces, later to be reassembled into towering plumes of smoky audio or subtle streams of fraying noise.

For this sample pack we've harnessed granular synthesis' raw power to produce 100 shape-shifting samples, spanning everything from earthquakes of low-end courtesy of diced bass guitar lines, to oceanic washes of drones, prickling thickets of texture and lush meadows of ambience conjured from the 6 strings of an electric guitar.

With samples ranging in length from 11s all the way up to a full minute, simply drop the chosen file into your latest Ambient session, Downtempo or Cinematic soundtrack project and listen as the sound rolls and ripples with elegance throughout your arrangement.

Plant the seeds in your music and listen as the sound grows and matures into a rich garden of botanical delights - download Bloom - Ambient Guitar Samples and start digging today!


24 Guitar Ambience & Drone Samples
24 Granular Bass Guitar Samples
28 Granular Electric Guitar Samples
24 Guitar Texture Samples
100 Files In Total
Samples range in length from 11s - 1m

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