Multiton Bits Akustika Elektronika Drums

Multiton Bits Akustika Elektronika Drums

We have been working on Akustika Elektronika Drums for quite some time and we are excited to announce this release that connects worlds of acoustic and electronic drums in a unique style. Samples were sourced, played (some of us are drummers) and programmed, from Pearl Masters Maple acoustic kit, 00s Korg Triton and 80s MXR Drumcomputer Model 185.

Our selection of loops, solo lines, single hits and processed files is easy to use in your existing productions or when making new tracks, and building them on different levels. Loops and samples were slightly compressed so additional use of EQ or compressor will not kill dynamics of a sound.

Akustika Elektronika Drums offers many combinations and possibilities to integrate included percussions in almost any genre and enrich your tracks with acoustic/ electronic drum elements, while also giving you option for easy creation of new beats. All sounds in demo track are included in a pack and sourced from previously mentioned instruments.

Contains sounds from Pearl Masters Maple, Korg Triton and MXR Drumcomputer Model 185.

405 Samples

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