Pelham and Junior Passport Stamps

Pelham and Junior Passport Stamps

If this pack sounds like eclectic Soul/Jazz from overseas, then we've done our job. Our next Thelonious Martin curated sampled pack is more Soul/Jazz inspired samples from the past and present that have that foreign, soulful feel. We pull inspiration from artists like Yuji Ohno, Tyler the Creator, Kadhja Bonet, Cleo Sol and more.

In this pack you'll find lush pianos, wavy electric piano, live horns, complimenting live guitar and electric bass, warm synth pads and; leads and of course our unique live and resampled vocal phrases.

This sample pack contains 12 Melodic Loops with their stems (73) and 67 Melodic One Shots to compliment them consisting of Piano, electric piano, live Horns, live Bass, synths and our unique vocal phrases.

155 Samples

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