Sonic Collective Cassette Vibes

Sonic Collective Cassette Vibes

Cassette Vibes features an eclectic selection of lofi, hip-hop, and RnB samples, tastefully treated and recorded to tape on a Tascam Portastudio 424. This process gives each sample the warmth, punch, and unique tone that guides this pack’s aesthetic. 

Cassette Vibes is loaded with glittery and glitched-out guitars, spritely synthesizers, wobbly electric piano, and over 100 drum one-shots that absolutely smack. You’ll also find a folder of song starters that can be used as inspiration for your next writing session. Plus a collection of “tape loops” that were resampled creatively while playing with the pitch control wheel on the 424. In addition to running every sample through the 424 we also used the following hardware: API Console, 212 and SSL preamps, Binson Echo-Rec, Roland Space Echo RE-20, Orban Spring Reverb, and; Moog Analog Delay 500 Series. 

226 Samples

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