Gio Israel Armenian Essentials - Duduk Flute by Jivan Gasparyan Jr.

Gio Israel Armenian Essentials - Duduk Flute by Jivan Gasparyan Jr.

The Armenian Essentials series by Gio Israel is dedicated to reveal the hidden sounds of Armenia.

Nestled between the Black and the Caspian seas, the vast and complex Armenian culture serves as both a bridge between various neighboring regions, while at the same time steadfastly upholding one of the most ancient musical traditions in the world. 

Diverse, rich and consisting of a myriad of flavors and styles - Armenian music influences, and has been influenced by - its bordering nations and diaspora experiences, consisting of elements of various western motifs, balanced by the interplay of a robust folk tradition and “Maqam” scales recognized in Europe, Turkey, Iran and Central Asia. 

Armenia is a heralded custodian of sacred lineages of musicianship that, in their totality, both reflect the complexity of this geo-political region while emanating a raw, emotive color and sound.

Out of the local traditional instruments, the Duduk flute is the most distinguished musical instrument of Armenia. Its unique acoustic characteristics provided the Duduk a place of honor amongst sacred music lovers as well as by Hollywood composers. 

Jivan Gasparyan (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) was probably the most recognized Duduk player in the world. After his passing, we are honored to have his grandson and successor Jivan Gasparyan Jr. recording this pack.  

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