nu.wav Boxtrod - Secret Garden Pack

nu.wav Boxtrod - Secret Garden Pack

Boxtrod is a project spearheaded by Aaron Kennedy. He is a producer, artist, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles CA. Secret Garden showcases his unique style in combining natural and unnatural soundscapes together, from pristine and sharp to dusty and broken. 

The sonic identity of this pack stems from a process of chopping, quantizing, tuning, and assembling different patterns out of long improvisations. From there, some of these pieces were processed through a range of digital and analog processors like, Chase Bliss Blooper, Thermae, and; MOOD - Marantz PMD 222, Montreal Assembly CT5, 1964 Fender Tremolux, and various analog tape echoes. The instruments recorded for this pack were popular vintage analog synths, a 1930’s OM Martin guitar, a custom made rubber bridge catalog guitar, prepared upright piano, and various old consumer synthesizers. All the acoustic instruments were recorded with a vintage Sony C37A, and a pair of 1950’s Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon microphones, for a clean but full bodied and textured capture. In this pack you’ll find everything ranging from simple folk guitar loops, wobbling arpeggiators, randomly falling piano notes, rubber bridge guitar starters, and polyphonic tuned acoustic instruments. 

The carefully crafted, yet odd shaped sounds will inspire art in a range of genres from indie and; ambient, to hip hop and; electronic.

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