Test Press LDN Drill

LDN Drill contains excellently crafted loops and one-shots to help you create distinctive and forward-thinking Drill beats. This collection aims to capture the genre's crux and distinct sonic uniqueness whilst also adding a few unnatural elements to keep you mesmerized. 

UK drill is a subgenre of drill music that developed in the South London district of Brixton from 2012 onwards - initially borrowing heavily from the style of Chicago drill music before creating its unique sound. Chicago Drill and UK Drill have influenced other regional scenes, such as Australian, French, Irish, Dutch, and New York Drill.

Included are presets for Astra and Beatmaker. The presets for Astra utilize all of the four macro parameters and give you creative control over shaping the sound to precisely tailor to place into your productions. 

Please note this product can also be used to create other music genres such as Grime, Trap, Hip Hop, and more.

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